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Android 2.3
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Whats New

v3.0.1 Update Details

1. Added a Christmas Event

2. Improved character development features in low-level sections

3. Fixed various bugs and improved functions

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Product Description

The world’s most popular mobile RPG, ZENONIA®, is now online! !Travel across nine treacherous realms to uncover the mystery behind the portal.Assist the Celestial Kingdom and expose the horrifying truth.Chat and play with your friends in real-time! Join a co-op raid party and fend off vicious monsters in Raid mode. Enter PVP matchups to destroy your competition.[Real-time Action]Battle monsters, make friends, and punish challengers all from your mobile device.Explore the world of ZENONIA S: Rifts in Time across the nine realms.Test your survival skills in the Monster Wave mode.[Classes]Choose from your favorite ZENONIA® characters.Slasher/ Ranger/ Fighter / Magician / AssassinAwaken your hero and break the limit.[Customize]Customize you character with over 300 different pieces of equipment.Increase the effectiveness of your weapons, armor, and accessories through various enhancements Put your skills to the test in ZENONIA S: Rifts in Time. Become legendary!* This game requires the following permissions for optimal gameplay.- Permission to sync your Address Book and access device status for Friend Invites [READ_CONTACTS, READ_PHONE_STATE] – Permission to sync your Google account [GET_ACCOUNTS]- Permission to save necessary game data externally [READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE]** This game is available in English.** There may be additional costs when trying to obtain certain items.* GAMEVIL Official Website : https://www.withhive.com* GAMEVIL Customer Support : https://global.gamevil.com/support/