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Camel Corporation
Android 4.1
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Whats New


- bug fixes

v2.2 - Nougat Tile

- added a tile for Android 7 to launch the UC mode

- added an option to disable the animation

- fixed bugs in the button trigger option

v2.0 - The persistent notification is no longer needed!

- you can now launch the Universal Copy mode by long pressing a button of your choice (select it in the settings)

- added a select-all button

- added an option to always start the app in full screen mode

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Universal Copy - 2.2
Universal Copy - 2.1
Universal Copy - 2.0
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Product Description

Sometimes you want to copy text from an app and you cannot use the default Android long press?Universal Copy takes that pain away!Activate the Universal Copy mode and select the text you want to copy, that’s it!Copy text from any application: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, News Republic…Easy. Simple. Totally free. No ad!*********★ Featured by Android Police ★ http://www.androidpolice.com/2016/03/09/universal-copy-can-copy-text-fields-from-apps-that-dont-let-you-copy-and-paste-natively/*********How to use?- download and install the app- activate the Universal Copy accessibility service (Settings > Accessibility)- go to the app (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or any app) you want to copy text from- open your notification drawer and click on “Activate Universal Copy mode”- tap the text you want to copy, it will highlight in blue- click on Copy and you’re done!Note for Samsung users:On Samsung Galaxy devices (SG 5 and later), check to see if you have App Battery Optimizer in Samsung Smart Manager app enabled. Please disable this as it is known to disable Universal Copy Accessibility Service: go to Android Settings > General > Battery > look under App Optimization and select Details. Then find Universal Copy and turn it off.Do not hesitate to leave a rating and a review if you like Universal Copy.Use Universal copy to copy hashtags from Instagram!For more copy – paste features, make sure to check our other application: Easy Copy – The smart clipboard. http://bit.ly/easy-copyThey talk about us:http://app-liv.com/android/en/2687179