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Android 5.0
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Whats New

- Brand new design

- Music shuffle support

- Bug fixes

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PartyShare - 01.03.00

Product Description

Turn your device into a jukebox. Broadcast your party with real-time photo streaming.This is a perfect app to have when you throw a party or go for a drive with friends.You can share a music playlist with friends and upload photos you take in real time without having to connect to the Internet.Install now to warm up your party.-Throw a partyBy tapping “”Host a party””, you can set up a space to share photos and music with only the people you want.You can have up to 10 users in a party.* Please note that only Xperia™ devices can host a party. -Join a partyUsing NFC, you can join a party by touching your device to the host’s device.If your device doesn’t support NFC, go to the main screen, tap a party you wish to join.- Share musicAdd your favorite songs to the shared playlist.All songs added to the playlist will play through the host’s device.Enjoy music at high volume by connecting the host’s device to a speaker.- Share photosYou can upload photos that you take to the shared album effortlessly.Uploaded photos are visible to everyone at the party and available for download.Enjoy a photo slideshow on a big screen by connecting the host’s device to a TV.Supported devices: Wi-Fi Direct™-compatible phones and tablets (Android 4.4 or later)1. If you have problem with connecting devices using Wi-Fi Direct™, your device may not be supported.2. For some devices, this application may be unavailable while connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot.3. The following devices are not supported currently but may be supported by system update: Xperia™ Z2, Xperia™Z2 Tablet (SOL25, D6503, D6563, SO-03F, L50u, D6502, L50w, D6543, SOT21, SGP521, SO-05F, SGP541, SGP551, SGP511, SGP512, SGP561, L50t).This application uses Google Analytics to collect and aggregate usage statistics in order to help us improve the application and our services. None of this data can be used to identify you.