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Duello Games
Android 4.0.3
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Whats New

Holiday Special Update

Get into the holiday spirit with this freshly baked update featuring:

* 30 New Christmas Levels

* Happy New Year's Pack with 90% discount

* Holiday theme throughout the game

Enjoy this special event with your loved ones!

Happy S/la/sh/in/g!

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Product Description

Get Ready for the holidays – Festive updatesTune up your ninja senses, sharpen your slashing skill!The #1 slashing puzzle iSlash is back with new deadly gameplay elements, fearless bosses, stunning graphics and lots of challenging levels!ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAYBe Warned! iSlash Heroes features the same addictive slashing gameplay that kept millions of ninjas awake! And now it’s packed with new features, new enemies and new challenges.2 MODES // 560 LEVELS (more to come)Master your skills in Casual mode and when you are ready unleash your inner Ninja for ultimate destruction. Easy to learn yet challenging to master, iSlash Heroes features two modes with 560 levels packed with hours of fun!DEFEAT THE EVIL BOSSESiSlash Heroes introduces deadly evil bosses that rule the land with fear. Each one has vicious skills in their sleeves but no one is invincible. Fight and defeat them with your slashing craft. Your fate is at your fingertips!SOCIAL NINJASuccess means nothing when no one is around! Satisfy your social ninja by connecting to Facebook. Help each other when needed but always show them who is the best slasher!Indulge your slashing cravings in this addictive, challenging and fun journey!Keep Sla/sh/in/g!