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Google Fiber 1.3.1 APK Download

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Android 4.4
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Download Google Fiber APK 1.3.1 Version. Latest Apps for Android Smartphones and Tablets. Free APK Download from APK Police.

Whats New

New billing management interface.

Bug Fixes.

We have added the ability to edit TV box settings and restart your TV boxes to the app. You can do this from the TV tab (if you are a Google Fiber TV customer).

And stay tuned for more updates in the coming months! We’re always happy to hear your feedback about the Fiber app so we can continue to improve it.

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Product Description

With the Fiber app, managing your account and network is fast and easy. Use it to view and pay your bill, run speed tests, restart your devices, edit your Wi-Fi settings, or visit our Help Center, all from your mobile device. Note: To use this app you must be Google Fiber subscriber.Manage your Fiber network with ease. Run speed tests, edit your network and TV box settings, restart your Network Box or TV box(es) from your phone, and email or text your network name and password to friends to help them quickly join your Wi-Fi network.Control your Fiber account. View your account details, including your current balance and previous statements, and quickly manage your payments.Access the Google Fiber Help Center. Find answers to common issues or contact a Fiber team member to get help.We’re constantly working on new features for the Fiber app, so keep your eye out for updates in the coming months!