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2.6.6 beta
Android 4.1
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Whats New

New in v2.7.7: ♬ Improved podcast search. ♬ Podcasts and folders are now available in Android Auto. ♬ Fixed an issue with playing low sample-rate files (e.g. 16KHz podcasts) when equalizer is enabled. ♬ Local Radio now uses Location API to provide more accurate selection of local radio stations. Previously: ♬ Added support for casting to DLNA devices. ♬ Added support for video podcasts. ♬ Added search to Magic Radio. ♬ Added setting to enable custom lock screen player.

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doubleTwist Music Player, Sync - 2.6.6 beta

Product Description

doubleTwist is a delicious music player and podcast manager with music sync functionality. doubleTwist Player has over 100 thousand five star ratings and a beautiful, easy-to-use interface that eliminates the need to jump between different apps to play music, manage podcasts, or sync iTunes playlists. Plus, you can AirPlay music and videos from your Android with the optional AirSync purchase!doubleTwist Music Player has been recommended by the New York Times, BBC, Wall Street Journal and numerous tech publications.What’s the catch?Unlike other music players, doubleTwist is a free download, not a “trial”. We update it frequently and listen to your feedback to make it better. We make money from an optional in-app upgrade to doubleTwist Pro unlocking the following premium music player features: AirSync, AirPlay, DLNA support, equalizer, album art search and removal of podcast ads.doubleTwist is handmade with ❤ in Austin, Texas, live music’s world capital. Thanks to you, we manage music & podcasts for more than 10 million loyal listeners.Help? Visit our public group for useful tips & support: us on Twitter: http://blog.doubletwist.comUse of this app is subject to the doubleTwist Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: