Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG

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Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG 1.5.144404 APK Download

Android 4.1
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Whats New

- New Rare tower - Deadly Poison Shooter - poisons Creeps and causes huge damage over time to them!

- New Epic Tower - Machinegun Mk 2 - combines immense AoE and single target damage!

- New Epic Tower - Deadly Prime Cannon - attacks Creeps with energy balls that fly through them and inflict considerable damage!

- Fixed an issue where players could not get a reward for their PvP rating. Players who encountered this problem have been compensated.

- Fixed some UI and text errors.

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Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG - 1.5.144404
Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG - 1.5.144034
Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG - 1.5.142204

Product Description

Meet the Defenders 2 – new TD strategy game in the legendary Prime World series with unique combination of the tower defense and collectible card game! Enter a mysterious and magic land stricken by a cataclysm and now thriving with powerful artifacts and immense treasure guarded by furious monster hordes. Build up your defense and fight against the waves of evil with magic and tower power! Let the world knows who is the real TD master here!Key features:- Collect all 40 unique towers and 20 deadly magic spells – the ultimate TD arsenal;- Customize your tower and spell collection with powerful Runes;- Use your defenses to crush Underground, Intelligent, Swarming, Exploding, Phantom and 20 other monster types and 29 unique bosses!- Play the game the way you like – find the unique combination of tower and magic arsenal to build the superior defense!- Fight with other players to pump up your tower collection into monster-slaughtering war ma-chines!- Used to good weather? Test your defense with survival night levels filled with tornado and storm power challenges!- Different TD game modes – Hunt, Raid and Assault levels and the rule-them-all Hard mode for truly tower defense fans!Awesome 3D graphics, immersive environment, powerful towers, deadly spells, Totems, Anomalies and many more! Try the game now and join the struggle for Prime!Note: A network connection is required to playJoin us on Facebook at