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Bing Search 6.7.25183488 APK Download

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Android 4.0
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Whats New

New: • Travel results: Looking to go somewhere new? Bing finds you the best time to go and gives you tips and guides. • Warnings about malicious websites: Now browse more securely than ever. Improvements: • Homepage gallery filter: Filter and find your favorite Bing homepage images. We’ve also go bug fixes, speed improvements, polish and so much more!

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Product Description

Use Bing to get live sports updates, breaking news, trending images and videos instantly. Search with voice, photos or barcodes. Bing connects you to the best results and the apps you trust, super fast.  Get your questions answered faster and easier. Search Bing for what moves you – NFL scores, nearby gas stations, or dessert recipes – and see information in a whole new way. Search differently • Search Bing with your voice • Snap a picture to find similar images • Scan a barcode to compare prices Get things done with Bing • Find when new movies are showing and get tickets • Explore restaurants and book a table • Discover offers, discounts, and coupons at shops near you * Some features are not available in all countries. Now you can join our beta community and give us feedback. Please help us to make Bing the best search engine ever.