Alice in the Mirrors of Albion

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Whats New

*The holiday begins on November 28!*

Albion is covered in snow, and the river has frozen over. Winter is here! That means soon all the inhabitants will be celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve! Join this fun and merry band of fairytale characters: elves, penguins, snowmen, Santa’s reindeer and many more!

- Get ready for Christmas locations!

- Complete Christmas collections.

Receive gifts and valuable prizes for taking part in holiday events! Collect snowflakes in any location and get rewards!

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Product Description

*Get ready for intense holidays!*- Detectives, Christmas is coming, and everyone’s ready to celebrate. But Mirror World inhabitants wouldn’t be themselves if they didn’t try to spoil the fun. The Queen of Hearts has orchestrated a kidnapping of Santa’s Reindeer, someone stole St. Nick’s holiday costume, and the Good Snowman’s family has gone missing! It’s obvious that total mayhem has taken over Albion, and you’re the only person who can set things right. Use your detective skills to rescue the magical Reindeer, find the snowmen, retrieve Santa’s outfit, and eventually save Christmas!- Get to the game, and enjoy a festive atmosphere with a decorated winter map and three brand new locations: Christmas Tree, Skating Rink, and Cheshire’s Christmas House. There’s a whole ton of awesome content waiting for you: 14 holiday-themed Mirror World creatures, 15 festive collections, a new anomaly, adorable guests from the South Pole, new boxes with useful items, as well as dozens of challenging and exciting quests that will yield great rewards. Celebrate Christmas with your friends from Albion, and you won’t regret a single moment: fun-stuffed holidays are already here!Get ready for a Lewis Carroll inspired hidden object game that takes you to a mystical Victorian-era London known as Albion, fraught with intrigue, crime, and danger. Just like Alice in her quest of Wonderland, you’ll have to solve challenging puzzles and encounter unexplained mysteries. Experience the game’s unique story by tackling countless quests in your mission to foil the evil schemes of the Queen of Hearts. Download Alice in the Mirrors of Albion and begin your adventure in this truly extraordinary magical world right now!***KEY FEATURES*** ✔ UNCOVER HIDDEN OBJECTSTrack down all sorts of items in several exciting game modes and explore tons of places, from the dangerous outskirts of Albion to elegant Victorian-era studies and cozy confectioneries.✔ MEET INTRIGUING CHARACTERSGet carried away by the magical world behind the mirror, full of heroes you’ve known since childhood as well as unique new characters, all of whom have something to hide.✔ REVEAL INTRIGUES AND FIGHT CRIMEEngage in exciting battles with Albion crime lords and prove that you are the one who can bring order the city and learn all its secrets.✔ IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE MYSTERIOUS DETECTIVE STORYGo on a quest through Foggy Albion, a city full of thieves, puzzles, and wonder. Discover things no one else has seen!✔ EXPLORE NEW PLACES EVERY DAYEarn experience points to gain access to incredible new places and buildings! If you’re hungry for more, you can always purchase keys to new locations and other items within the game for real money.✔ THIS GAME WORKS IN OFFLINE MODE WITHOUT INTERNET — enjoy it on a plane, on the subway, on the road!Discover new titles from Game Insight: our community on Facebook: to our YouTube channel: the latest news on Twitter: us on Instagram: Page on Facebook:: Game Trailer: Policy: