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Wire – Private Messenger 2.21.297 APK Download

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Android 4.2
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Whats New

New: Option to enable constant bitrate encoding (CBR) for calls in settings. Fix: Spotify and SoundCloud track previews show up correctly again. Fix: Rotating full screen images to landscape is working again. Fix: In some cases the profile picture in settings was too large. That got aligned. Fix: Indicators for slow loading pictures are showing correctly again.

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Product Description

Crystal clear voice and video calls.Chats full of pics, movies, GIFs, music, sketches and more. Always private and secure with end-to-end encryption.FOCUS ON PRIVACYPRIVATE AND SECURE. Everything you send on Wire is end-to-end encrypted.NO PROFILING. Wire cannot read your messages, and does not share or sell your data or contact details to anyone.PHONE NUMBER OR EMAIL. Register with phone number on mobile, or with email on desktop, then log in with the same account on mobile.OPEN SOURCE. Anyone can verify the security of Wire by auditing the code available on GitHub.MOBILE, TABLET, DESKTOP. Chats are always in sync and you don’t need your phone to log in on desktop.GROUPS. Wire is great for private and secure group conversations with up to 128 people.TIMED MESSAGES. Control how long others see your messages, pictures, videos.DELETE. Posted something to a wrong chat by accident? No problem, delete it from all receiving devices.ALL YOU FAVORITE FEATURESVOICE AND VIDEO CALLS. Crystal clear quality, developed by the original audio team from Skype.GROUP CALLS. Add up to 10 people and enjoy the virtual stereo effect (with headphones) to help you understand who’s talking.AUDIO AND VIDEO MESSAGES. Record and send, or choose a clip from your device. There are even fun audio filters to modify your voice.GIFS AND SKETCHES. Send a funny GIF or sketch with your finger (try also sketch-on-photo) to send a unique reply.FILE SHARING. Securely transfer any file from your device, or from cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox.LOCATION SHARING. Meeting up or giving instructions is easy – just share your current location.VIDEOS AND MUSIC. Share a Youtube, Spotify, Vimeo or SoundCloud link in a chat and others can play it without leaving Wire.LINK PREVIEWS. Share any web link and we will automatically show the page title and a photo from the page (if available).Wire is free.wire.com