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SeriesGuide 34-beta2 APK Download

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Android 4.0.3
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Download SeriesGuide APK 34-beta2 Version. Latest Apps for Android Smartphones and Tablets. Free APK Download from APK Police.

Whats New

• SeriesGuide Cloud switched to Google Sign-In, no longer requires the Contacts permission. But you will have to sign in again. • Display progress when adding a show, tapping it once added opens the show directly. • Show always both Cloud and trakt account in navigation drawer. • All changes at

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Product Description

Keep track of your favorite TV shows and movies.- Track your watched episodes, keep tabs on new releases and manage your media collection.- Connect with trakt to check in, comment, rate and to sync between devices and media centers.- No sign-in required, keeps working without an internet connection.- DashClock extension.- List widget.- Plug in extensions or build your own:…..Get the subscription to unlock all features and support SeriesGuide! You will get more list widget options, notifications for new episodes and more. You also support continued fixes and new features. Dates and times are limited to the first release in the country of origin.This app uses data and images by TheTVDB licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb. app uses data and images by shows by Ross Scott, visit him at