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GameBox Launcher Beta 0.7.1313 beta APK Download

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
0.7.1313 beta
Android 5.0
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Whats New

[0.7.2517 Updates]

1. Fix the inability to enter apps in specific device

2. Game Lab improvements (My, Chart)

3. Bug fixes and performance improvements

All Versions

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GameBox Launcher Beta - 0.7.1313 beta

Product Description

GameBox Launcher takes the gaming experience to a whole new level for enthusiastic gamers with Galaxy smartphones.Check all your installed games in one place, customize cover images, and find information about games fast.If you want to use your smartphone like a game console, try GameBox Launcher.It makes running GameTuner and GameTools a lot easier too.Key Features:1. Give your smartphone a total makeover. – This game console-like default launcher has outstanding usability.2. Collectively manage your games in one place. – Now you can find and run your games more quickly.3. Your games, your design. – Customize cover images to complete a collection of your own.4. Read up-to-date information all in one spot. – You can now access game-related bookmarks and YouTube channels more easily.5. Customize your gaming environment easily. – Adjust the game settings according to the performance of your smartphone, and create your own gaming environment.6. See the most popular games in the smart launcher. – Check out popular games and newly released titles every day.7. Follow daily updates to the game charts. – Find out what’s happening in 5 different chart catagories, including Samsung smartphone user votes.8. Keep up with unmissable game events. – Now the home screen only displays game-related notifications.9. Basic features are still supported. – An awesome widget and easy-to-use apps will always be included.* How to change the default launcherGo to Settings -> Applications -> Default applications -> Home screen, and change the current home screen to the desired home screen.(TouchWiz Home is the default launcher for Samsung smartphones.)* Supported devices (It’ll be updated continuously.)Galaxy Note4, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy Note7, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy A7, Galaxy A8