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By ZenUI, ASUS Computer Inc.


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ZenUI, ASUS Computer Inc.
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Android 4.2
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Whats New

V2.1.0.12_161212 - Android N support - Bug Fixes V2.0.0.41_161011 - Bug Fixes V2.0.0.36_160815 - Bug Fixes V2.0.0.25_160622 - Bug Fixes V2.0.0.8_160422 - Bug Fixes V1.5.0.68_160120 - New location lets you use the time zone and weather of your current location Note: Location and weather feature is available for ASUS devices only. Stay tuned for future compatibility updates.

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Product Description

ASUS Clock is now available for all Android devices running version 4.2 and above!ASUS Clock has a unique roaming feature that gives you real time of your home location and current location, wherever you are in the globe! ASUS Clock also has features like: alarm clock, stopwatch and timer, giving you the most stylish, multifunctional clock!Key features* Customized AlarmYou can easily set the alarm in a repeat cycle for every day, weekdays, weekends, or by week.* StopwatchThis feature gives you multiple lap times with a maximum time of 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.* Countdown timerWhatever activities that you are counting down, you can set multiple countdown timers and assign a different alarm tone per countdown.* Roaming featureThis feature displays your home time and the local time of your location.* Night modeProvide clock of low brightness. Protect your eyes when you check at night.* Ring gentlyAlarm volume increases over time.* Auto snoozeEnable automatic snooze and set its length and repeat cycles.* Ringtone pickerCustomize your alarm tones by selecting from your local storage or external source.More information* For more product information and videos, check out: http://www.zenui.com* Get first dibs on ZenUI’s upcoming versions by joining our beta-testing site! and suggestionsWe’d love to hear from you! Send us your feedbacks via: [email protected]